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The impact of air pollution on land and sea

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The impact of air pollution on land and sea Empty The impact of air pollution on land and sea

Post  Abdullrahman waissy Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:33 pm

The impact of air pollution on land and sea
Reflected the greatness of God and his kindness towards His slaves in this wonderful design of the universe, and that the balance in it, but human meddling fool spoil this balance, in the area in which they live, as if this is what the angels see, when God created Adam - he says:
هو الذي خلق لكم ما في الأرض جميعاً ثم استوى إلى السماء فسواهن سبع سماوات وهو بكل شئ عليم . وإذ قال ربك للملائكة إني جاعل في الأرض خليفة قالوا أتجعل فيها من يفسد فيها ويسفك الدماء ونحن نسبح بحمدك ونقدس لك قال إني أعلم ما لاتعلمون سورة البقرة الآيتان 29، 30
Found that the adverse effects of pollution on plants and animals, humans and soil, we will discuss the impact of air pollution:

1 - healthy: - Increasing the toxic gases to respiratory diseases and eye, and that higher concentrations of some chemical compounds Koboukrp amines organic cause some types of cancer, and other gases such as oxides of nitrogen adverse effects on the nervous system, as well as the atomic radiation occurs congenital malformations handed down that did not cause death.

2 - material: lead to the following:

• The existence of dust and fog to the non-visibility means of ground and air.

• occurrence of rust and corrosion of equipment and buildings, which affect the useful life, and in that great loss.

• pollution, solid material reserves a large part of the sun's rays, leading to increased industrial lighting.

• animals: causes and fluorides Arja Xaha in the structures of animal bone in areas that fall in

Fluorides, and absorbed by green plants n The lead salts that come out with the exhaust gases caused Tzma of cattle, sheep and horses, as well as the sulfur dioxide in the tunnel partner cattle.

• The flying insects, they can not live in urban air pollution, and perhaps you think also what is the inevitable fate of birds that depend in their diet to these insects, for example extinct species of birds had been living in the sky of the city of London for nearly 80 years, because of air pollution have spent on flying insects which had fed on them.

• on plants: suffocate plants in the air is pure and soon die, and the air pollution with dust, fog, smoke and soot leads to reduction of the amount of sunlight reaching Earth, and affect plant growth and the maturity of crops, and also reduces the process of photosynthesis in terms of efficiency, and fall flowers of some types of fruit Ka orange and most of the evergreen trees, falling leaves and shrubs as a result of the misuse of pesticides, invasive species, and as an example of plants that are affected by pollution, garden crops and cut flowers, alfalfa, grain, tobacco, lettuce, ornamental trees, Ksro, and Gazurina, and linden.

• climate: lead ionizing radiation and nuclear explosions to large changes in the natural cycle of life on the Earth's surface, and some gases from the exhausts of plants, the presence to cracking in the ozone layer that surrounds the land, which he said the Koran and made the sky yet they all verses exposed)

The cracking of the ozone layer allows the gas and cosmic particles alien to enter the Earth's atmosphere, and occurs when the big changes, too, the presence of fog and smoke and dust in the air leads to reduction of the amount of radiation light that reaches the surface of the earth, and light rays that do not reach the surface of this, absorb and re-radiate back into the atmosphere as energy calories If we add to this kinetic energy by that leaks into the air as a result of combustion of fuel oil, coal, timber and so on, we will find that we gradually increase the heat, and who knows, if the growing rise in temperature atmosphere, it could lead to melting glaciers located him in the poles and flooding the ground water, and perhaps Zlkma refers to verse number 3 in Al-Cleaving: (If the seas are poured forth.) where he stated commentators that the bombing of the sea means the mixing of its water in part of some, and that it can happen if the glaciers melted ice in the Arctic and Antarctic.

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