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Post  ZAkaria Thu Apr 21, 2011 1:35 am

A - the definition of pollution: تعريـف التلوث:
He knew where the pollution in different ways: that pollution is the development of materials in other appropriate ********s or that pollution of the environment (intentional or unintentional) with human excrement.
There are some definitions most detailed and accurate, such as the definition and Holstr Portoz, identified a comprehensive definition of pollution through the definition of pollution, polluter is a substance or effect leads to a change in the rate of growth species into the environment contrary to the toxins enter the food chain or contrary to the health or comfort or with the values of society.
And the intervention of contaminants to the environment in significant quantities of material in the form of waste and litter or spin-offs from industries or certain activities of man and usually involves pollution to dissipate energy (thermal, acoustic or vibration) and, in general, the pollution damage the vital functions of class (Biosphere) that surround the globe ... and this damage can be summarized as follows:
1 - harm to human health through pollution of air, soil, food, chemicals and other radioactive materials.
2 - damage to crops and plants, water, soil and animals.
3 - damage to the aesthetic aspects of the environment such as smoke, dust, noise and waste and garbage.
4 - damage that can not be felt only in the long run, but having a cumulative impact, such as cancers (materials that lead to cancer), radioactive materials and noise.

B - Types of pollution: أنواع التلوث :
1 - food contamination:
Resulted in the overuse of agricultural fertilizers and pesticides to a number of adverse health and economic food for human consumption, and grew up as a result of the food contamination.
2 - Air pollution:
Air pollution occurs from different sources, which may be natural or the various activities of man, Vatabieip such as: storms and thunders and rain, earthquakes and floods. And contribute to the bulk of the rights of air pollution by sewage, waste and industrial waste, agricultural, medical and oil and petroleum products, pesticides and fertilizers, radioactive materials , and this might cause many damages to the ecosystem.
3 - Water pollution:
Down to the ground water in the form of pure, free of microbial pathogens or other contaminants, but as a result of the massive industrial development subject to several problems which turn into water unfit for drinking and consumption. One of the most examples of contamination of water including rain launched factory fumes and gases, As a result, created the so-called acid rain. The contaminated water in many different pollutants Vilut For example, remnants of sanitation and various chemical detergents and some mineral elements such as: lead, mercury, phosphates and nitrates, chlorine and oil.
4 - radioactive contamination:
Cause rights in air pollution differs from the known contaminants, a radioactive contamination, which is at present the most serious environmental pollutants. May show the impact of this pollution is rapidly and surprise on the organism, and it may take a long time to appear in future generations, and since the Second World War and so far present a person could use the radioactive materials in the production of dangerous nuclear and hydrogen bombs.

5 - ****l pollution:
The problem of pollution of toxic mineral elements in the present time the most important problems facing professionals in the field of environment, so they are of extreme health damage to human health. This problem was exacerbated as a result of the rapid development in various industrial fields, for example, the proportion of carbon monoxide in the air. The element of lead have been observed increase constantly as a result of the burning of many fuels and vehicles.
6 - Noise:
Increase the intensity of noise in the modern world significantly, no longer limited to major cities and industrial zones, but arrived to the countryside, and a person can make a noise through the establishment of methods to modern cars, railways, aircraft and agricultural machinery industry. And did not hand over the homes of noise when he mocked rights all means of modern technology for the well-being of radio, television, cleaning tools, kitchen utensils, etc., in other words, the noise has invaded the few remaining ****ters for silence in the world. And perhaps even the end of this century will not find any room still exists to turn to if he wants to escape to a quiet spot.
There are many types of pollutants, the countless other in the world.

Chapter II
:أضرار التلوث:1 - Pollution Damage
A - Air pollution: air pollution contributed to the spread of many bacteria that cause diseases of people, including: influenza, the deadly epidemic diseases that spread quickly in the middle of the environment and disease, anthrax and plague, cholera, smallpox and fever, as well as incidences of human poisoning due to the effects of harmful compounds volatile arsenic as a result of microbial activity of some fungal species, as a major impact on the ozone layer and destroyed.
B - water pollution: the most important water pollution damages health, sanitation remnants of which have a number of pathogens such as certain bacterial species and fungal and viral diseases. The result of water pollution to the poisoning of marine organisms, and become part of the oil to eat small balls by fish, thus impacting directly on the food chain and cause water pollution, micro-organisms to the occurrence of many diseases such as typhoid fever, polio virus, as well as parasites.
C - radioactive contamination: the most important diseases to humans because of the emergence of radiation skin redness or blackening of the eye, atrophy also occurs in the cells of the bone marrow and collapsed in germ cells, also show some effects at a late stage of human life, such as leukemia and cancer of the thyroid White thyroid and lung cancer, leading to a decrease in white blood cells and intestinal infections and to reach beyond the risks to plants, fish, birds, leading to upset the ecological balance, and damage the food chain


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