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Air pollution

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Air pollution Empty Air pollution

Post  Abdullrahman waissy Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:58 pm

The definition of air pollution:

The Air pollution is found to any solid, liquid or gaseous air quantities lead to damage to physiological, economic and vital to humans, animals and plants, machinery and equipment, or affect the nature of things, and estimated the loss of the world each year by about 5000 million dollars, because of the impact of the air, on crops and agricultural plants.

The air pollution of the worst air pollutants, and the greater the number of people in the contaminated area.

Over the course of history and succession of the ages did not hand over the air from pollution to enter the exotic materials upon Kalgazat and fumes were rising from the craters, or produced from burning of forests, and Kalaterpp and micro-organisms that cause disease, but that was not how much has dire consequences, but was in Expand Rights to Itvadah or even tolerate, but the problem has emerged with industrialization and the spread of the industrial revolution in the world, and with this increase is terrible in the number of the population, the increasing number and means of transportation and development, and its dependence on vehicles resulting from the distillation of petroleum as fuel, and perhaps the car is the worst causes of pollution air, although it is a necessity of modern life, they emit large amounts of gases that pollute the air, a gas poisonous carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone.

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