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Individual's role in preserving the environment

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Individual's role in preserving the environment  Empty Individual's role in preserving the environment

Post  Abdullrahman waissy Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:13 am

Individual's role in preserving the environment

For a better environment of not less than: No

The individual plays an important role in preserving the environment, through the habit of positive behaviors and whatever the age.

The threat of pollution does not differentiate between people, rich and poor, young and old individuals emanates from some behaviors may seem small, but as a whole contributes significantly to the environment.

Valslukiat and good practices that can any one of us, whatever its location, if it was the work of preserving the environment for example:

> Do not throw waste on the roads and streets, whatever its size.

> To encourage the recycling of sorting through the waste by type.

> Do NOT waste water or excessive use.

> Savings in the use of energy, particularly electricity.

> Walking as much as possible instead of using the car.

> Apply the principle of preventive maintenance to check the car and pipes and houses and stoves.

> Ensure the validity of canned food that is eaten.

> Not to be extravagant with water for the irrigation of gardens.

> Rationalization in the use of pesticides as much as possible.

> The preservation of wildlife.

> Contributing to the planting of trees.

Actions to reduce pollution (prevention) in the three circles; air, water, and soil.

Will be taking three types of processors in mind:
1. Adjustments in the factory, which is about the changes that take place within the plant to reduce concentrations of pollution through the recycling of materials and the separation or unification of sewage wastewater, and reduce the rate of flow of streams that need further processing in order to reduce the proportion of stops water treatment plants.
2. Changes in the industrial process, which is about the changes that take place in the operation, such as the use of newer technology, or replaced with another dangerous stuff is dangerous, the integration of operations and monitored closely.
3. Remedial action at the end of the tube, which include the treatment of pollutant or separated until they are disposed of them easily. And while the plant modifications and amendments to the process of industrial economic returns on investment, is the implementation of treatment procedures at the end of the tube to achieve one purpose only and compliance with the laws without any economic returns.
Egyptian law does not include any special procedures for environmental conservation on the water and energy.

This has been taking these actions in mind, since it began to dry up the sources, since the maintenance of environmental resources has become a subject of global concern can also be implemented in Egypt in the near future. May lead to water conservation measures to Ziad concentrations of pollution in streams of liquid wastes is that the application of these procedures and of maintaining all of the water and energy will provide significant support, both financial and economic development.

In many cases, have to adopt cleaner production technology of which is a technology-rich treatment at the end of the tube.

Actions to reduce air pollution
Methods can be adopted to reduce air pollution from exhaust combustion of these methods are as follows: -

1. Replace the diesel fuel oil or natural gas - fuel oil contains a high percentage of sulfur.
2. Regulate the rate of fuel to air and air plus achieve optimal turn complete combustion of carbon monoxide and convert it into carbon dioxide.
3. To maintain combustion temperature at a reasonable value to reduce the formation of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.
4. Heating fuel prior to access to the complete combustion.
Actions to reduce pollution of the working environment
Can control the volatile organics in the industries of rubber products using materials adsorbate such as activated charcoal filter and a biological on the exhaust of combustion and the use of equipment washing gases and these devices are necessary to reach an acceptable level of quality in terms of smell, so less impact on pollution of work environment and then can be maintained work environment free from pollution.

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