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Methods of air pollution

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Methods of air pollution  Empty Methods of air pollution

Post  Abdullrahman waissy Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:03 pm

First: The solid material pending: smoke, and exhaust Alsarat, dust, pollen, dust and cotton, and cement dust, dust and pesticides.

Second: gaseous materials or toxic fumes and severe, such as chlorine, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone.

Third: bacteria, germs, mold resulting from the decomposition of dead plants and animals and a human waste.

fourth: Natural atomic radiation and industrial:

Showed that contamination with the beginning of the use of corn in various walks of life, especially in the areas: military, industrial, and perhaps all still remember the uproar enormous that occurred because of the bubble famous one atomic reactors state (Pennsylvania), USA, and the explosion of atomic bombs on ( Nagasaki and Hiroshima) during the Second World War so long ago, what is still the effects of pollution to this day, and still image of the maimed and injured memorable, and located Balabadan, has appeared after the types and kinds of pollutants for example, a strontium 90, which produces Alanfjarriet nuclear exists almost everywhere, increasing quantity with the increase in nuclear testing, which falls on the trees and pastures, moving to sheep and cattle and then to the rights which affect the productivity of milk cows and livestock, and damage bone, causing many diseases and dangerous nuclear explosions lie in the fallout, which emanates from the bombing sites where atomic falling by gravity, or by rain polluting everything, crash everything.

In light of this, can we decide or interpret the suffering that some people may resolve the Prophet Lut peace be upon him that, because the rain is contaminated with radioactive material, not so long ago The land contains some radioactive rock such as Alapthiblnd These rocks are located thousands of years ago.

Fifth: The pollution-mail:

Which is the latest trend in the field of pollution, which results in areas that produce the electronic devices from the bell electrical and radio and television, and an end to the satellite, which is full of space around us, radio waves and electromagnetic waves, etc., and these areas affects the nerve cells of the human brain, and may have been a source for some cases of non-equilibrium, chronic headaches, which means fail medical clinical in diagnosis, and perhaps changes in the climate these days, where we see the days with high temperature in the winter, and days in very cold in the summer, perhaps all this is due to pollution-mail in the air around us, especially after the proliferation of thousands of satellites around the Earth.

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